The Ultimate Guide to GE Universal Remote Programming: Master Your Home Entertainment


  • GE 4-Device Universal Remote:This is a basic universal remote that can control up to four devices. It is easy to set up and use, and it features backlit buttons.
  • GE 8-Device Universal Remote:This is a more advanced universal remote that can control up to eight devices. It features dedicated buttons for popular streaming services, and it allows you to program macros.
  • GE 12-Device Universal Remote:This is the most advanced GE universal remote, and it can control up to 12 devices. It features a backlit LCD screen, and it allows you to program complex macros.

When choosing a GE universal remote model, it is important to consider the number of devices you need to control, the features that are most important to you, and your budget.

Troubleshooting GE Universal Remotes

Troubleshooting GE universal remotes can be a common task for users. These remotes offer convenience and compatibility with various devices, but occasional issues may arise. This guide provides common problems associated with GE universal remotes and troubleshooting steps to resolve them, including resetting the remote.

Identifying Common Problems

Common problems with GE universal remotes include:

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